METEOR abroad

This is a 2-month internship in a research Laboratory  outside France. This METEOR is organized thanks to the collaboration of partner Universities. Travelling and lodging fees are covered by the Master and OCA . See some testimonials.

Students choose one subject in the following list:

  • Glasgow (Scotland)


[TO BE CONFIRMED] Solar image processing



[TO BE CONFIRMED] Observations or modelling of solar prominences



High precision analysis of heartbeat information


  • Oldenburg/Bremen (Germany)


Geodesics, black holes, accretion disks




  • Torino (Italy)





Applications of Celestial Mechanics in Planetology and Astrodynamics



Particle acceleration and transport in turbulent astrophysical shocks


  • Brussels (Royal Observatory of Belgium)


[To be confirmed] Orbit determination of a Cubesat in low Earth orbit


[To be confirmed] Atmospheric corrections on Radio Propagations – Applications (Mars & Venus)