METEOR abroad

This is a 2-month internship in a research Laboratory  outside France. This METEOR is organized thanks to the collaboration of partner Universities. Travelling and lodging fees are covered by the Master and OCA. See some testimonials.

Students choose one subject in the following list:

  • Donostia/San Sebastian (Spain)

Constraining the nature of Dark Matter

Topics : [Extragalactics/Cosmology]



  • Amsterdam  (Netherlands)

Searching for radio transients with the SKA precursors and pathfinders



  • Glasgow  (Scotland)

[TO BE CONFIRMED] Solar image processing



[TO BE CONFIRMED] Observations or modelling of solar prominences



High precision analysis of heartbeat information



  • Oldenburg/Bremen (Germany)

Geodesics, black holes, accretion disks






  • Torino  (Italy)



Understanding the Milky Way Galaxy using Gaia



  • Thessaloniki (Greece)

Applications of Celestial Mechanics in Planetology and Astrodynamics



Particle acceleration and transport in turbulent astrophysical shocks



  • Brussels (Royal Observatory of Belgium)

 Orbit determination of a Cubesat in low Earth orbit



Atmospheric corrections on Radio Propagations – Applications (Mars & Venus)