MAUCA key points

MAUCA teaches Astrophysics and Space Sciences through research projects.

Focus is on scientific expertise, autonomy and international research.

MAUCA students:

  • choose about 70% of the topics they will learn
  • can focus their training on academic research or on industry (space, software engineering, optics,…)
  • benefit from a 2 month internship in a research lab abroad
  • follow all their courses in english
  • are provided with a personal laptop for two years.

MAUCA students are immersed in various fields of research in Astrophysics and Space Sciences during two years. They spend 70% of their time in Lab/Industry. This immersion takes the form of METEOR (Modules Experiment ThEOry Research). Each METEOR has typically a duration of 2 months.

MAUCA’s METEOR put students in situation of researchers or research engineers starting to work on a research/industrial project.  Students learn jointly theory and practice in close and frequent interaction with supervisors.

Each METEOR is anchored to a specific research/industrial project or instrument, in which the METEOR supervisors are experts. The METEOR book can be found here.