MAUCA structure and MCC

So MAUCA students follow:

  • 2 series of fundamental courses (M1 S1 and M1 S2, in blue)
  • 7 Modules Experiment ThEOry Research (METEOR)
    In these 7 modules :

    • 1 METEOR is common for all MAUCA students (METEOR C2PU, green)
    • The 5 METEOR in yellow take place in Nice. Each student chooses 5 METEORs from the list of proposed METEOR @ Nice according to his interests in Research or Space-Industry.
    • 1 METEOR is in a University outside France (orange). This METEOR can be permuted with METEOR 5 depending on the availability of the supervisors.
  • 1 UE of scientific communication where you learn to  write a camera ready scientific article, to review articles from others, to prepare slides and make oral presentations to various audiences,…


Notes :

Total ECTS: 120

ECTS in METEOR + Research training: 84 (70%)

ECTS in Fundamental Courses : 36 (30%)