Fundamental Courses


The fundamental courses (FC) take place in the beginning of semester 1 and 2 (about 6 weeks in S1 6 weeks in S2). Substantial time is devoted to personal works and numerical experiments. Typically, courses take place in the morning with free afternoons.

The contents and presentation of the fundamental courses have been updated in February 2020.

  • First series : S1



General Astrophysics: PresentationDocuments

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Statistical physics: PresentationDocuments


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Dynamics and Planetology: PresentationDocuments



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Fourier optics: Presentation, Documents


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Numerical methods: PresentationDocuments (you need to be connected to Jalon)




Signal/image processing: Presentation, Documents


  • Second  series : S2 



Maths/Stat: PresentationDocuments



Fluid mechanics: PresentationDocuments



Quantum mechanics and Spectroscopy for Astrophysics: PresentationDocuments


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Stellar Physics: PresentationDocuments




General Relativity, Extragalactics and Cosmology: Presentation,  Documents



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Atmospheric turbulence, Image Formation, Adaptive Optics: Presentation, Documents