Fundamental Courses


The fundamental courses (FC) take place in the beginning of semester 1 and 2 (6 weeks in S1 6 weeks in S2). Substantial time is devoted to personal works and numerical experiments. Typically, courses take place in the morning with free afternoons.

  • First series : S1



SMUGAS00 General Astrophysics Documents

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SMUSPH00 Statistical physics Documents


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SMUDPL00 Dynamics and Planetology Documents



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SMUFOP00 Fourier optics Documents


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SMUNME00 Numerical methods Documents (you need to be connected to Jalon)




SMUSIP00 Signal/image processing


  • Second  series : S2 



SMUSME00 Maths/Stat Documents



SMUFME00 Fluid mechanics Documents



SMUQME00 Quantum mechanics and Spectroscopy for Astrophysics Documents


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SMUSTP00 Stellar Physics Documents




SMUGRC00 General Relativity, Extragalactics and Cosmology Documents


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SMUAIA00 Atmospheric turbulence, Image Formation, Adaptive Optics Documents