Documents for METEOR Planetary Migration

Update 2020 :

    1. Planet-disk interactions (by F. S. Masset)
    2. Planet-disc interaction and early evolution of planetary systems (by C. Baruteau et al.)

Previous materials:

1. Introduction : protoplanetary disks (slides, A. Crida)

2. Type I Migration (slides, A. Crida)

Homework 1: Vertical Hydrostatic Equilibrium (A. Crida)

Homework 2: Disk Flaring (A. Crida)

Homework 3: the One-sided Lindblad Torque (A. Crida)


Introduction to FARGO code (Slides, E. Lega)

Document FARGO code (Lecture notes, E. Lega)

Introduction to discretization when solving differential equations (E. Lega)

Archive with FARGO code used during the METEOR