Documents for meteor exoplanet detection

Updates 2019-2020 :

Centralized Homework 2020

Syllabus: Objectives, Contents, Main progression steps and evaluation

Slides : Introduction to detection theory with application examples in Astrophysics

Lecture notes: Introduction to detection theory and applications to exoplanet detection in time series 

New homework  (2019) : Text, data, solution

Other materials:

Homework 1 (2017)

Homework 2 (2017)

Homework 3 (2017)

Homework 4 (2017)

Homework 5 (2017)

Quickies (Matlab exercises 1 – 6)

ROC for test on k-th order statistics vs Max test (Matlab code)

Max vs Fisher test and Pfa of Fisher test (Matlab code)




“The Exoplanet Handbook”, M. Perryman, Cambridge University Press (second edition), 2018

“Time Series with Mixed Spectra”, Ta-Hsin li, CRC Press, 2014