Documents for METEOR C2PU

Updates 2018:

Astronomy through high angular resolution (F. Vakili-Christensen)

Solar System Small Bodies (B. Carry)

Updates 2017:

Exoplanets Observations and Detectors for Astronomy (L. Abe)

A First Aid Toolbox for Python Astronomer and file examples to run the scripts (P. Bendjoya)

Stellar Physics (A. Domiciano)

Updates 2016:

Astronomy through high angular resolution (F. Vakili-Christensen)

The LHIRES-III spectrograph, Stellar occultations, Telescopes (J.-P. Rivet)

Introduction to Python, Tests&co.zipCurve, (A. Soulain and P. Bendjoya, in french)

Calibrated photometry: document, presentation (O. Creevey)

An introduction to the CDS services and tools, Introduction to Virtual Observatory,  Solar System Small Bodies (B. Carry)

Satellites (in french), Astrometry (A. Fienga)

A quick guide to reduce slit spectra with IRAF, Application for observing time and related files (.zip) ( M. Schultheis)

Detectors for Astronomy (in french), movie_one.avi, movie_two.avi (L. Abe)

Various files (C2PU materials, LHIRESIII)

Electromagnetic waves, Introduction to spectroscopy (both in French, F. Millour)

Management of Space systems (R. Krawczyk, TAS)