Documents for METEOR C2PU

Lectures on Celestial objects

Lectures on Instrumentation

Hands-on sessions


Updates 2019:

Solar System Small Bodies a.k.a Asteroids – Comets – Meteors (Slides, B. Carry)

Introduction to virtual Observatory (Slides, B. Carry)

Introduction to Latex (Slides, O. Creevey),  LaTeX for beginners (from the University of Edinburgh)

English and presentation session (Slides, O. Creevey)

Updates 2018:

Astronomy through high angular resolution (F. Vakili-Christensen)

Solar System Small Bodies (B. Carry)

Updates 2017:

Exoplanets Observations and Detectors for Astronomy (L. Abe)

A First Aid Toolbox for Python Astronomer and file examples to run the scripts (P. Bendjoya)

Stellar Physics (A. Domiciano)

Updates 2016:

Astronomy through high angular resolution (F. Vakili-Christensen)

The LHIRES-III spectrograph, Stellar occultations, Telescopes (J.-P. Rivet)

Introduction to Python, Tests&co.zipCurve, (A. Soulain and P. Bendjoya, in french)

Calibrated photometry: document, presentation (O. Creevey)

An introduction to the CDS services and tools, Introduction to Virtual Observatory,  Solar System Small Bodies (B. Carry)

Satellites (in french), Astrometry (A. Fienga)

A quick guide to reduce slit spectra with IRAF, Application for observing time and related files (.zip) ( M. Schultheis)

Detectors for Astronomy (in french), movie_one.avi, movie_two.avi (L. Abe)

Various files (C2PU materials, LHIRESIII)

Electromagnetic waves, Introduction to spectroscopy (both in French, F. Millour)

Management of Space systems (R. Krawczyk, TAS)