Astrophysics / Space industry tracks

As a MAUCA student you will have to choose 5 METEOR in the METEOR list. You will follow 3 of them in Master 1 and 2 in Master 2. Depending on your interest, the choice of your METEOR can be used to put emphasis on  Research or on Space-industry.

For a “Research track, the emphasis is on fondamental research in Astrophysics. In this track, your METEOR choice should cover 4 categories in the categories 1 to 5  (Planetology, Stellar Physics, Extragalactics/Cosmology/Relativity/ Signal-Image processing, Astronomical Optics and Instrumentation). This kind of combinations warrants a large background in fundamental Astrophysics and related techniques.

For a “Space-Industry track, your METEOR choice should emphasize Space missions, engineering techniquesand  immersion in industry. You choices should cover : Categories 4, 5, 6 (Signal-Image processing, Astronomical Optics and Instrumentation, Space-Industry)  and  at least one of the following METEOR related to space missions :  JUICEMICROSCOPE and  BEPI COLOMBO. This kind of combinations warrants a large background in Space sciences and skills required in Industry.

Examples of METEOR choices.