METEOR (Modules Experiment ThEOry Research) are interactive, research-based teaching modules where students learn jointly theoretic, numerical and instrumental skills. Most METEOR are related to existing or future international research projects and/or instruments. A non exhaustive list of projects/instruments you can work on in MAUCA can be found here.

All METEOR supervisors are research experts in the topics covered by the METEOR.

The METEOR @ Nice are listed below and as a single pdf in the METEOR book.

The first METEOR, common to all students is at C2PU.

The other METEOR are organized in 6 main categories:

  • 1 Planetology
  • 2 Stellar and Galactic Physics
  • 3 Extragalactics/Cosmology/Relativity
  • 4 Signal-Image Processing/Numerical methods
  • 5 Astronomical Optics and Instrumentation
  • 6 Space-Industry

As a MAUCA student you will have to choose 5 METEOR in the list below (these METEOR are in yellow in the picture here). You will follow 3 of them in Master 1 and 2 in Master 2. Depending on your interest, the choice of your METEOR can be used to put emphasis on  Research or on Space-industry.

For a “Research track, the emphasis is on fondamental research. In this track, your METEOR choice should cover 4 categories in the categories 1 to 5. This kind of combinations warrants a large background in fundamental Astrophysics and related techniques.

For a “Space-Industry track, your METEOR choice should cover : Categories 4, 5, 6 and  at least one of the following METEOR related to space missions :  JUICEMICROSCOPE  and BEPI COLOMBO.  This kind of combinations warrants a large background in Space sciences and skills required in Industry.

Examples of METEOR choices.

List of METEOR @ Nice :

  • Planetology

gap_full_stared_leg   Planetary migration pdf

juice   THE JUICE – JUpiter ICy moons Explorer – MISSION pdf, documents

smallbodies   Physics of the minor bodies of our solar system & link with meteorites pdf

compo2   Distribution of composition of asteroids in the Solar System pdf, Documents

Capture d’écran 2016-06-13 à 21.55.11Observing the planet-forming region in protoplanetary disks pdf

  • Stellar and galactic physics

L2pupAstrophysics of Gaseous and Dusty Nebulae pdf

PortadaTesis   Stellar Clusters: Rosetta stone of stellar and galactic evolution pdf

Capture d’écran 2016-06-13 à 22.06.56   Formation and Interpretation of Stellar Spectra (FISS) pdf

PAIX_Webcam01  Stellar Pulsation and Evolution – Polar and Space Missions pdf

red-dwarf-planet-670x440-150106  Planetary Dynamics and Stellar Evolution (PlaDySe) pdf

  Stellar ages to understand Milky Way formation pdf

  •  Extragalactics, cosmology and relativity

simuOliver   Simulations of Cosmic Structure Formation pdf

bpc_microscope_p41481_vignette   MICROSCOPE – Metrology and Dynamics in Earth’s environment to test gravitation pdf

a4201   Galaxy clusters : from laboratories for astrophysics to cosmology pdf

HUDF_2014   Galaxy formation, evolution and detection pdf, documents

figure3GW   Relativistic gravitation and astrophysics pdf

Gaia_Poster_625   Galactic archeology pdf

ska2   Square Kilometer Array : science and data processing pdf

BepiColombo_illustration_275   The BEPI COLOMBO mission pdf

  •  Signal-Image processing & Numerical simulations

fig-oeil   Data mining pdf

bigdatacomputers   Advanced data mining pdf

figure_1   Convex optimization applied to statistical signal processing pdf

Capture d’écran 2016-06-14 à 08.35.00   Bayesian analysis. Application to image reconstruction pdf

Capture d’écran 2016-06-13 à 22.47.01   Exoplanet detection pdf, Documents

Re400_turb16_front   High Performance Computing for Fluids and Plasmas pdf

  •  Astronomical optics and instrumentation

Capture d’écran 2016-06-13 à 22.54.46   Astronomical Adaptive Optics pdf

IMAGE3   High contrast imaging instrumentation pdf

Capture d’écran 2016-06-25 à 14.08.57   Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Detector pdf

capture-decran-2017-01-04-a-14-40-54   METEOR OASIS pdf, documents


  • Space – Industry

PLANCK   Science Mission & Spacecraft conceptual design @ Thales Alenia Space pdf

  Holistic approach of (Rock Fragmentation) Digital simulation @ TBTech pdf


METEOR templates :